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My Open Kitchen is a podcast celebrating great stories from behind the farm gate; celebrating seasonal produce and the power of social media to help us connect and build communities around what we do.
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Mar 26, 2018

Welcome to episode 5 of series 3! We are so excited to be back in your earbuds sharing all kinds of good things and an interview with the very clever Abbie Melle. A lifestyle, interiors and travel photographer, Abbie is a regular contributor to Country Style magazine, has a huge and super engaged following on Instagram and her visual storytelling there is super inspiring. Lucky for us, in this episode Abbie shares some advice on creating engaging IG posts and stories and what inspires her work.

Thank you as always to our series sponsor Country Style Magazine. 

Sophie's Top 5

Hurry Slowly podcast by Jocelyn K. Glei (@jkglei) who also writes a great newsletter. I particularly loved the 'anti-time management' episode with Oliver Burkeman.

Girls Night In newsletter; lots of good things to read, listen to, think about and practice on a Friday night - when you'd prefer to stay in.

All the things that Helen Redfern does; I love her blog, A Bookish Baker , her Instagram feed, the sound of her ecourse and her newsletter. So much goodness here and she puts a lot of effort and herself into all she does.

Food 52 Cookbook club. - such a fun idea and great way to build an online community with like minded people.

Our Road Trip playlist on Spotify. Some fun tunes to sing along to on long car trips!

Skye's Top 5

The Guilty Feminist podcast is equal parts thoughtful and hilarious. Thankyou Monique Bowley at the ABC for the recommendation. And another that came from here which is full parts hilarious is The Baby Sitters Club Club for my fellow 90’s kids who loved Ann M. Martin’s Baby Sitter’s Club books.

We have known about this for a while but I have to say Instagram’s new function to follow hashtags has given me the ability to search for new people to follow once again.

We have recently been (so kindly) on the receiving end of a voucher to The Dinner Ladies – a wonderful organisation in Sydney who organise home cooked meals, fresh and frozen for anyone in need. A very thoughtful gesture for anyone who is in hospital, or just had a baby, been injured or having a tough time.

And finally I cannot get enough of roadside flowers at the moment. Florence and I have spend many long hours in the car and my eyes are always drawn roadside. I'm always thinking, what can I forage here? It is endless and I love it. 

Mar 1, 2018

This podcast is our celebration of how us country creatives, farmers and producers can create communities and advocate through the magic of social media and this episode we are chatting with Fiona Walmsley of Buena Vista farm (pictured below) on the NSW south coast (pictured above), plus we share our top five favourite tips, tricks and people and catching up after a few months break.

Skye’s Top 5’s 

Now of course the My Open Kitchen e-course and podcast is the best social media advice getting around but ……… But you should also listen to new podcast by Jess Ruhfus; Stop, Colloborate and Listen. Super helpful for those of us who’re stuck in a rut and need some new partnerships to spark things up again.

This article, The Grown-up’s Table from the New York Times  Art of the Dinner Party – thank you Tea and Tattle for this one. Beautifully written and will take you no more than 5 minutes to read. It vividly captures the essence of a dining table the morning after a dinner party. It makes me yearn for winter and having guests to dinner inside beside the fire.

Oh my goodness – for the last few weeks I have been whisked away to Naomi Bulger’s world of The Most Beautiful Letter You Have Ever Written – a 4 week e-course on letter writing. Unleashed in me a passion for hand writing, doodling and giving someone else a smile through writing pretty letters and cards. I can’t recommend this course highly enough. Weirdly relaxing, mindful and rejuvenating.

In the same vein, Thankly – is a fun business that handwrites notes for you.

A new newsletter by one of the My Open Kitchen Alumni and fellow Grenfell Local, Sarah Ryan, ‘Bunch of Fives’. Sarah runs her business Quandialla Candles from the old General Store in Quandialla and this newsletter is an ode to all the things she loves, old and new, new books, podcasts and articles and tit-bits from here and there. It’s complimented by similar offerings from her best friend. Sign up on her website.

Sophie’s Top 5

Janet Murray’s fabulous blog post on why stroppy emails are bad pr.

Link tree – such a great and free way to make the most of the one clickable link you get in Instagram. I’ve noticed a real change in traffic to my blog and other online homes since I started using Link tree.

Stevie Says Social podcast and blog – so so so much good stuff, social media information and advice on both the blog and podcast. Thanks Stevie!

This master class in compassion online 

The Archers – I know I’m only forty odd years late tot he party but I’ve finally started listening to the Archers and LOVE.