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My Open Kitchen is a podcast celebrating great stories from behind the farm gate; celebrating seasonal produce and the power of social media to help us connect and build communities around what we do.
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Apr 3, 2019

Hello and welcome to the Basket by the Door podcast! This will be a special five part series released under our My Open Kitchen moniker - a collection of stories and celebrations of baskets by doors and love and stories of how food can heal and nourish and calm and comfort.

Episode one features interviews with the lovely lovely Tessa Kiros and Emiko Davies. Plus a little cameo by Gillian Bell who tells a story that will probably make you cry and smile and want to rush into the kitchen and bake something. And a visit from bibliotherapist Germaine Leece who suggests some books to pop into our baskets for extra comfort.

I hope you enjoy listening to these stories AND music. So - the music in this podcast (except for the very first song I Like Pie I Like Cake, by the Four Clefs ) is by local duo, sisters Sophie and Abby from Smith and Jones. Their soulful mix of country, folk and jazz is nourishment for the ears and excellent cooking music! Please go over and check them out, have a listen and whenever you can - go and see them play live!

Emiko Davies; 

Germaine Leece

Bibliotherapist Germaine Leece offered up these book suggestions for books to nourish and comfort while we adjust to change

  • For a friend recovering from heartbreak - Tin Man by Sarah Winman; a poetic tale about first love, friendship and love, a book that celebrates the flip side of having loved.
  • For a friend recovering from an illness or convalescing - when you want to remind your loved one that through the worst can come growth and resilience, Maggie O Farrell’s memoir I am I am I am (17 brushes with death) a book filled with hope and wonder.
  • And for new mums or anyone who needs to let the body rest while our mind is taken away to a different place -  Elizabeth Jane Howard's The Light Years



Dec 4, 2017

Hello all and welcome to episode 3 of series 3! I am super excited about this one as it features two of my favourite creatives EVER; guest co-host Luisa Brimble and all the way from the US, food writer Julia Turshen! Luisa and I talk about creativity, art, collaboration and her five favourite books while I chat with Julia about her new book Feed the Resistance, Instagram, getting involved and what she’s cooking these days. Plus all the usual recommendations, links and such. Boom pow. 

Big thank you to our series sponsor Country Style magazine, if you haven’t yet picked up a copy of the latest issue - please do, it’s, as always, just beautiful and full of inspiration.

Thank you also to the Good Lovelies, one of my favourite groups ever, for giving us permission to use snippets of your beautiful song the Old Highway throughout this episode. Please check out the full song and the rest of the album and grab a copy - excellent sunny Saturday morning in the kitchen music. 

Here below are some of the things we mentioned in this episode

Sophie’s Top 5 

  • #thetravellingfoodband; Some of my all time favourite photographers and foods stylists got together for a few days in Berlin to create content together. I love that idea and think we should all do more of it. Just grab a group of creative buddies, pool talents, spend an afternoon or weekend together creating lovely things/scenes/foods/images.
  • Doterra oils ;I am a recent convert to the world of essential oils; I love burning peppermint and wild orange while I work, I rub lavender on my kids feet at bedtime and swear that puts them out like a light, or it could be the foot massage! I use the peppermint in an icing the other day and so on. Just love them.
  • Contact Sheets; A bit of an odd thing to recommend here but I have just bitten the bullet and bought Creative Cloud so I can get organised for my new book - eek - and am LOVING how photoshop lets you create contact sheets of your images. I’ve printed out what I’ve done so far so I can easily track how it’s all coming together (or not).
  • Co-schedule blog; An absolute mine of information - not cheap but the blog is full of updates on good times to post what on what platform. Great for bloggers.
  • Spotify Playlists; Everything will be ok and a gift-wrapping playlist from Anthropologie 

Luisa’s Top 5 (current favourite publications)


Oct 9, 2017

A sneak-peak at what's to come in Series 3 and Annabelle Hickson, Country Style writer and blogger at The Daily's helps us welcome in the new Series with a guest Top 5 contribution.

Jun 6, 2017

Ciao tutti! In this special bonus episode, we spend a day in Florence with Tuscan-based author, photographer and cook Emiko Davies. While wandering the markets and cooking lunch back at her home, Emiko shares her thoughts on social media, food writing and why food just seems to taste better in Italy! Hope you enjoy this one and we'll be back with a regular episode in a couple of weeks. Sophiex 

Mar 27, 2017

This episode we are talking authenticity. Yep - we are tackling that buzzword head on and getting real with the likes of Kat Molesworth, David Prior and Annabelle Hickson. There are some really great ideas, nuggets of advice and stories in this episode and we hope you enjoy listening in! Thanks, Sophie and Holly. 


Feb 20, 2017

Pull up a chair, make a cup of tea and have a listen as we chat with Stephanie Alexander AO and Tamsin Carvan in celebration of summer plenty - the wonderful abundance of produce in our gardens, orchards and markets at this time of year. We share tips, hacks, inspiration and recipes to get you excited about joining our community of food, farming and social media lovers. 

Feb 1, 2017

This episode we are slowing down. My Open Kitchen is all about social media and the communities, stories and collaboration it can foster. But it is all consuming and totally addictive, so today, we are looking at how we can get the most of out our online time and use it a bit more ‘mindfully’. Plus there’s cake, tea and two fantastic interviews. So settle in, have a listen and go slowly!


Dec 15, 2016

This episode is all about Christmas and feasting and sharing and is the perfect thing to listen to while you travel from here to there, make a dozen or so mince pies, walk them off, wrap presents or just sit and have a cup of coffee and stare at the twinkling lights of your tree. Either way, this last week or so before Christmas is our favourite of the year so in this episode we are talking to some of Australia’s top food writers about what they are planning to cook and share for Christmas day. From Valli Little to Hetty McKinnon, Emiko Davies, Michele Crawford and Charlotte Ree there’s some GOOOOOOD Christmas cooking inspiration in here. Plus the lovely lovely Annabelle Hickson tells us a Christmas story and as always Skye and I share our favourite things to listen to, read, do and think about. And speaking of my lovely co-host, she is due to have her third bubba any day now so gets the ultimate Christmas-cooking-leave-pass, and I know you are all with me when I say we wish you all the very best for the arrival of your new little person and can’t wait to meet him or her. Thank you so very very much to our podcast partner Country Style magazine.

Nov 23, 2016

A special surprise episode giving an insight into the wonderful world of food, photography and workshops in country New South Wales, Australia. 

Nov 16, 2016

We hope you enjoy this, the last episode in Series 1! It features a great chat with lovely Matt of Grown and Gathered fame, plus some of our favourite moments from the last eight episodes and loads of tips, life hacks, links and podcasts to share. Happy listening! 

Nov 1, 2016

Cake maker Gillian Bell takes us on an Enid Blyton style food adventure when she shares her incredible story on episode 7 of My Open Kitchen. 

Oct 18, 2016

Episode 6 of My Open Kitchen features a lovely long chat with Venetian-based blogger, food writer and photographer Skye McAlpine plus loads of great things to read, cook, share and think about. Happy listening! Sophie and Skye x 


Oct 5, 2016

Valli Little from ABC's Delicious magazine is our guest on My Open Kitchen as well as our latest Top 5 and some delicious treats.

Sep 21, 2016

Welcome to episode 4 of My Open Kitchen! This time we chat with food PR and social media whizz Charlotte Ree and country-based catering biz 100-Mile-Table about working on local collaborations. Plus lots of things to listen to, read and cook. Happy listening! 

Sep 13, 2016

This week’s episode of My Open Kitchen features interviews with Sydney-based food and lifestyle photographer Luisa Brimble and Tasmanian-based food stylist and author Michelle Crawford. Plus loads of things to read, people to follow and our favourite tips, tricks and resources of the week. 


Sep 6, 2016

My Open Kitchen is all about community, collaboration, great food, inspiring people and all the great things we make, do and share here in the country. Episode two features interviews with Kate Walsh of Real Food Projects and Annabelle Hickson of The Dailys. Plus, hosts Sophie Hansen and Skye Manson share their top five books, resources, podcasts, follows, foods and people of the week.